Those Gosh Darn, No Good, Completely Rotten CRAVINGS

Cravings. Those pesky, no good urges you have too often that causes you to consume excess calories and often times, lose track of your fitness and nutrition goals. Cravings are so gosh darn hard to beat! Here’s an article I read about 4 questions to ask your self the next time you hear those French fries calling your name. Often times we have cravings for reasons completely unrelated to food: boredom, sadness, nutrient deficiency, or even if you’re lacking support or love in your life. Check out the tips below from Mind, Body, Green.


1.   What’s my hunger level?: If you haven’t eaten in four hours, then your body is most likely telling you it is time for lunch. If you just ate, rate your hunger level on a scale of 1 to 10. You might find that hunger isn’t really the issue.

2.  What have I eaten today?: If you can’t remember, it might be good to keep a food journal for a few days to notice any patterns. Figure out what you’ve already had, and determine what was lacking. For example, if you had a donut and coffee for breakfast, your body is most likely craving a good salad with protein for lunch to counteract the sugary breakfast.

3.  What’s my mood?: Try to really get in touch with your emotions about eating. If you’re tired or cranky, you may feel that eating will solve this problem. But if you find you’re binging on unhealthy foods, it could be your body telling you that you’re lacking support or love in your life. This is where you really have to dig deep to uncover what these emotions and cravings are really about. Many times, they aren’t about food at all.

4. What diet and lifestyle am I following?: If you’re vegan or vegetarian, but are craving red meat, it’s most likely your body telling you it needs this right now. If you’ve cut out a major food group and you feel intense cravings for it, your body is speaking to you. If you aren’t getting enough protein from certain food groups, your body will let you know by signaling certain cravings.

Here are a few suggestions for healthier alternatives when you have a craving for “bad” food:

Chips/Crackers: Try crisp vegetables, like carrot sticks with hummus.

Cookies/Cake: Try oatmeal bars or dried fruit instead.

Ice Cream/Milk Shakes: Make a healthy smoothie with frozen bananas, strawberries and almond milk.

Candy/Sour or Tangy: Try water with lemon or fresh salsa on greens.

Check out the rest of the article here:

Also check out this article on how to “Pulverize your Cravings with 3 Easy Tips”


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