How to Lose Weight Without Really Trying

How appealing does this title sound? To me, it sounds pretty darn appealing. Who doesn’t want to lose weight effortlessly and yet still do so in a healthy way? Here are 5 quick tips and tricks in order to lose weight without really trying from:

1. Fill up on veggies at every meal: filling up on veggies makes you less likely to overindulge on other unhealthier foods.
2. Eat 30g of protein for breakfast: protein is great because it helps you feel full and takes a lot to breakdown so it increases your metabolism when consumed versus a high-carb diet (good options: 5 egg whites, 1 1/3 cups of Greek yogurt, 1 cup cottage cheese, protein shake etc)
3. Make your own food as often as possible: eating in the comfort of your home makes you well aware of what you’re putting in to your body versus blindly eating from a restaurant outside of your house. You can control what goes into the meal and what is eliminated.
4. Skip the nonfat: healthy fat is actually good for you. In fact, consuming healthy fat can make you feel full and give you long-lasting energy.
5. Allow yourself treats on a regular basis: do not deprive yourself of your favourite foods, but instead enjoy a little of your favourites every once in a while. Doing this will help you avoid binge eating. Make sure you are exercising to avoid the excess weight gain.



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