Gratitude & Creating a Gratitude Jar

As we come up to Thanksgiving 2013, many of us stop to think about how thankful we are. The unfortunate part is, we often forget to be thankful and grateful for what we have on a regular basis, outside of Thanksgiving. We often are hard on ourselves and wonder why we haven’t gotten that raise yet, why we don’t have a nicer car, why we can’t afford a new wardrobe etc. Do you ever think about how harmful complaining and being pessimistic is on ourselves?

This weekend I want to challenge you to get a jar, whether it be a mason jar or even a coffee bin and each day, put write down something you’re grateful for and throw it in the jar. I bet you’ll be amazed at how happy you feel and how lucky you are to have great people, things and opportunities in your life. Keep this gratitude jar for as long as you possibly because you always have things to be grateful for.

Here are some great links about gratitude and how to live a better/stress free life:



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