Foam Rolling & Flexibility

Foam rolling has become more popular over the years. I recently stumbled upon an article that links daily foam rolling to an increase in flexibility. I’m not sure about you, but I struggle with lack of flexibility. From what I have learned in university, foam rolling helps to loosen up the fascia surrounding the muscles. By foam rolling every day, you gain many benefits including an increase in flexibility.

From the article, here are:

4 Reasons Why you Should Foam Roll Every Day:

1. It reduces soreness and tightness from working out.

2. It increases flexibility.

3. It helps prevent injuries.

4. It helps you de-stress.

Read the rest of the article on how it helps and the techniques to foam roll. Keep in mind, there are two main ways to foam roll.

1. Hold the foam roller on the position you feel the pain

2. Roll the foam roller through the painful spot.


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