Meridian Tapping

I know this may sound a bit “hippy dippy”, but I recently heard about Meridian Tapping and wanted to share it with you. I hope none of you are like me, a sufferer of anxiety. Anxiety is not fun and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. I’m always looking of new ways to help combat it, without having to take any of the drugs. I’d much rather exercise to feel better about myself than to pop a simple pill and mask everything.

So, never heard of meridian tapping? Well you’re not alone. In basic terms, meridian tapping is tapping on certain points around the body to relieve stress. These specific spots are related to acupuncture, so in a sense, it’s acupuncture without the needles. All you need to do is say a simple statement and tap on certain parts of your body 5-7 times. Repeat this process 3x. Once completed, you should feel some sort of relief.

Check out the site below on the tapping sites, the video on how to properly do tapping and an example of statements you should do while tapping.

Again, I apologize for the “hippy-dippyness” of this post, but whatever works works right?


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