5 Cheap Exercise Equipment Needed for Home-Based Workouts

Many of us struggle with the “lack of time” barrier when it comes to physical activity. I know I have mentioned this before, but why not exercise while you’re at home? If the idea of that sounds great, but you don’t know where to start, here are a list of things you should have at your home to help you get a great workout! Remember, some activities can be performed solely using body weight.

1. Dumbbells – get yourself more than one weight. You may want to have a few options because different muscle types are stronger than others (ex. Our legs are generally stronger than our upper bodies). Lots of places, such as walmart, come with a few different sets of weights. Play around with different weights and choose the right one for you. Remember, you want the weights to be somewhat challenging otherwise you will not reap the benefits.

2. Resistance Bands/elastic bands – resistance bands such as tubing are great ways to do resistance training. You can do SO many activities such as seated rows, internal rotations, bicep curls, leg extensions etc. by using a simple band! Bonuses to resistance bands? You can easily take them with you if you’re traveling, staying over at a friends house or you can even bring them to work! Make sure you get a set of easy, medium and hard. Again, you want that challenge!

3. Stability Ball and or Bosu Balls – I’m sure you’ve seen these balls before. There are so many things you can do on both a stability ball and a bosu ball! You can do anything from squats to seated dumbbell raises. Why are these so awesome? By doing activities while sitting on a unstable surface, you can also strengthen your core and work on your balance! Make sure you get an appropriate ball for your height. In order to tell if you’re getting the right size, your thighs should be parallel to the floor when you’re sitting on the ball.

4. Skipping Rope – skipping is a great way to do cardio. Skipping increases your heart rate. This is also a great way to get the lymph fluid to circulate through your body which can help with immunity. Don’t like skipping? You don’t even need a skipping rope! Just jump on the spot and pretend you have a skipping rope in your hands!

5. Yoga Mat – yoga mats aren’t only beneficial when you’re doing yoga. These mats provide cushioning for different exercises you are doing on the ground and also are great for post-workout stretching.

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