10 Fat Burning Foods

Looking to burn some calories before the end of the year? Check out these 10 Fat Burning Foods from elle.com

1. Kale –

2. Broccoli Rabe – tells your fat cells to burn fat

3. Avocados – increases fat burning and tells the fat factory to stop storing the blasted fat. Added bonus: boosts metabolism!

4. Brazil Nuts – boosts metabolism

5. Chia Seeds – suppress appetite and increase metabolism

6. Wild salmon – improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the fat form the waistline

7. Oysters – low in calories and decreases appetite

8. Coconut Oil – rich in medium-chained-triglycerides (MCTs), which your body preferentially uses for energy… less likely it’ll be stored for energy

9. Cinnamon – communicates with the fat storing hormone and tells it to bugger off – need at least a quarter teaspoon

10. Coffee – stimulates adrenaline which tells us to burn fat… have it black because milk decreases the fat burning effects

For some great ways to incorporate these foods into your diet, check out the link here: http://www.elle.com/beauty/health-fitness/fat-burning-foods?click=next#slide-1

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